How to Heal Your Body and Shrink Your Fibroids Fast!

#FHA's 10 Major Milestones Include:

1. Mastering the Mental Shift

Learn how to change your psychology around the foods you eat and the products you use...there are certain customs and traditions that we adopt that don't always serve our highest and best good. We don't inherit disease (fibroids) we inherit recipes and lifestyles. Once we learn the truth about what's causing the fibroids and other womb issues, the resistance is released and the healing can begin. You won't experience your desired results if you don't become completely absorbed in this process!

2. Detoxing Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is your PHARMACY, in it you will learn to eliminate those foods that are at the root cause of dis-ease, and learn to prepare healthy DELICIOUS plant-based meals that are conducive for healing your body and therefore releasing the fibroids, the extra fat, and any other dis-ease. When you complete this course your kitchen/PHARMACY will become your favorite place in your home (well, maybe second to your bedroom...lol) You'll want to rock your Stilettos in the kitchen like never before!

3. Stop! Give Me Four (4)

The first 4 weeks are critical to your success. You will transition from a Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) to a plant based lifestyle. This is the perfect time for the R.E.S.S.E.T. (Radically Establish Self Love Systems to Express a Tasty Life) Your life is meant to be TASTY, not wrecked with hemorrhaging and painful menses caused from fibroids and other womb issues...these first 4 weeks will reverse all those symptoms!!

4. Educate and Empower YOU!

This course provides a boatload of information to read, process, and put into daily practice. If you become fully engaged in the protocols of this curriculum, by the end of the program you will be extremely confident in yourself and in your body's ability to heal itself NATURALLY, and you will be equipped to tackle any ailment that tries to invade your body or mind. There is so much wisdom in a woman's womb. Fibroids are nothing more than internal trash bags, once you learn to empty garbage inside those bags, your quality of life will come running back to you!

5. Know Your Own Body - BETTER THAN ANY DOCTOR

Know thyself. It's imperative that you elevate your level of intelligence when it comes to your health and your own body. You'll learn exactly how the body works with relation to the biochemical reaction to food at the cellular level. That way, if you find yourself at doctor's appointment you'll speak intelligently and ask questions that will give you the upper hand on the direction of your health, not the physician's.

6. Learn to Read the Labels...EVERY LABEL

If it comes from a plant, eat it...If it was manufactured in a plant, don't. You'll learn how to read the back of the labels of everything you purchase to be able to identify the hidden culprits that elevate estrogen and promote fibroids. Reading the labels accurately will uncover the hidden tricks that the big food companies use to continue building their bottom lines at the cost of your health. You will definitely become a wise and educated shopper!

7. Transitioning Into The New Lifestyle

Once You Go Plant...You Won't Go Back! This is a MAJOR milestone. This is where the transition starts to really set in after the initial 30-days of detoxing. As your taste buds begin to change, your body begins adjusting and releasing unwanted fat and you're becoming more and more addicted to healing, plant-based foods, and less addicted to the sugars, dairy, meats, and other processed foods. You will begin to enjoy how it feels to be clean inside and out and light on your feet, glowing skin and people start to stop and stare and ask that magical question..."YOU LOOK AMAZING...WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

8. Fall of the Wagon? Well...GET BACK ON IT!!

And of course, at some point you might get a little too excited about how you feel and look and fall off the wagon. It's okay, you won't receive any judgement from me, I'm here to help you get back on track!! The R.E.S.S.E.T. button is always at your finger tips! Start over, step your game up higher next time.

**WARNING** most of the time when you've gone through a detox and then go back to eating from the "garbage can" you may experience heavier than normal bleeding.

9. PLAN, PREP, and Always Make it A Party!

You'll learn to get in the routine of planning your meals each week, conducting your shopping rounds, and jamming to your favorite music, dancing around in the kitchen while you're prepping your meals for the week!! Make it fun and entertaining not like a chore...it's way more enjoyable when you enjoy what you're doing. Preparing delicious clean healthy meals...what could be more fun?? If you fail to plan, then you're planning to fail! And you'll find yourself HANGRY and in the drive through of a 'Taco Hell', or 'Mc Doo Doo's' and that's NOT the goal!

10. Live Strong and Long in Your Goddess Flow from Head to Toe!

There's wisdom to be acquired through this very important womb work and by the end of this program you will be tapped in, tuned in and turned on to who you really are and become fully aligned with your S.O.U.L. (Self Aware, One with Source Energy, to Unleash your full potential, and Learn how to attract whatever you want), and you will have acquired the secrets to Glow and Flow from Head to Toe.


Cindy G

Your Instructor

Cindy Goodson
Cindy Goodson

Cindy Goodson, is a multi-passionate entrepreneur. A former English Professor, turned health educator and certified holistic nutritionist who refuses to let anything hold her life back. She’s a doctoral candidate in health psychology with master’s degrees in literature, and exercise science. She’s a mother of one son, and grandmother three phenomenal girls. She was once an R&B singer on the Billboard charts who still loves to perform any chance she gets. She has a passion for teaching others and has taught at all grade levels as well as, college and in the community at large. Cindy has a lot to live for, and thinks you do, too. That’s why her near-death experience with uterine fibroids drove her to take control of her health, cure herself of fibroids and begin to share her story for the benefit of others. Her first book, Ladies Stop Thinking Start Shrinking: A 10 Step Guide to Shrink Your Body and Your Fibroids Fast, is based on her own journey of healing herself of debilitating fibroids through holistic nutrition and lifestyle.

Cindy has combined the knowledge gained from this journey along with all of her life lessons to launch The Cindy G Project – A Health, Sassy & Wise Revolution:

  • Healthy – Optimal health is more than healing the body – it’s about improving your quality of life. The Cindy G Project offers you well-rounded expertise to help you take control of your health and lead a fuller life.
  • Sassy – Changing your health takes guts, courage and self-control to stay the course. With The Cindy G Project, sassy founder Cindy gives you periodic doses of motivation to help you stay brave in your battle to achieve optimal health through holistic nutrition.
  • Wise – Taking control of your health requires you to make informed decisions about your care. The Cindy G Project leverages a wealth of personal experience and literary research to empower you with the knowledge to achieve optimal health and a fuller life, Because Your Health is Your Wealth!

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